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Whether you are going to spend a holiday by relaxing at romantic walks in the lowlands, for example in the Elbe lowlands or between České Budějovice’s and Třeboň’s ponds or in the Lednice-Valtice area, or active and adventurous way in the mountains, perhaps in the Giant Mountains, in the Izera mountains or in Jeseníky. We will help you to find the possibility where you can stay at night, but also a possible destinations of your holiday in our map of the Czech Republic with marked places with cheap accommodation. Do you want to get to know the beauty of Slovakia, but you do not know where to find a good and cheap accommodation? On our website you will surely choose something from a variety of offers of pensions, cabins and cottages. Just you are the one that decide what kind of relaxing on holiday you want to practise and only you will choose accommodation that suits you the best. Among the most visited tourist destinations inherently belongs Tatras, Little Fatra and High Fatra.
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Cabin Cottage Lodging
0 Apartment Hotel
Farm Motel Recreational center
Mountain hotel ATC Mountain chalet
Apartment House
Giant Mountains Czech Paradise České středohoří
Southern Bohemia Lužické hory Podýjí & Pálava
Brno & surroundings Middle Bohemia Beskids
Adrspach Sand Rock Natural Reserve Western Bohemia Slovácko
Šumava Jeseníky Orlické hory
Izera Mountains Ore mountains Vysočina region
White Carpats High Tatras West Tatras
Southern Slovakia Kysuce Slovak Paradise
Liptov Low Tatras
High Fatra Little Fatra Spiš
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