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Lastminute accomodation in cottages, condos, cabins, B&Bs and hotels

Are you the kind of people who don't have planned everything ahead? Do you decide at the last minute? Just choose from our daily updated offers of cheap last minute stays at tourist areas of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and enjoy a pleasant holiday or long weekend, whether it's everywhere.
Find on the map the destination where you would like to spend a holiday or long weekend and choose from our offer of cheap accommodation in cabins, cottages and pensions for rent throughout the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. After just one click you can find for example how far you must go to the slopes, where are bike trails and bus stops and whether it is possible to go fishing in the vicinity or where to go for other recreational activities.Go for the perfect last minute holiday!
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24.02.2018 24.03.2018 Jeseníky Lipová Lázně Lodging Ubytování Kohoutek 250 CZK 11 persons
24.02.2018 03.03.2018 Izera Mountains Smržovka 0 Na Kovárně 300 CZK 26 persons
01.04.2018 28.04.2018 Western Bohemia Čivice Cottage Pohoda 520 EUR 8 persons
28.04.2018 26.05.2018 Western Bohemia Čivice Cottage Pohoda 600 EUR 8 persons
26.05.2018 09.06.2018 Western Bohemia Čivice Cottage Pohoda 620 EUR 8 persons
09.06.2018 23.06.2018 Western Bohemia Čivice Cottage Pohoda 650 EUR 8 persons
23.06.2018 30.06.2018 Western Bohemia Čivice Cottage Pohoda 680 EUR 8 persons
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